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Research 101: How to Find Journal Articles

Locating Journals

After searching a journals index, you will need to locate the articles cited in your results list. Say for example, you were looking for the following article:

“Asset backed commercial paper and the "intention of Parliament" in the Ontario Court of Appeal” by Geoff R. Hall, (Dec. 2008) 47 Can. Bus. L.J. 54-65.


  1. If you don't know what the journal abbreviation in the article citation stands for, consult the free Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations, or ask Great Library staff.
  2. Next, to see if the journal is available in print or online at the Great Library, check the library catalogue.

    If the item is available online, the holding for the item will contain an "Online Access" note. 

NOTE: HeinOnline can be accessed in the Great Library or through our Law Society of Ontario member HeinOnline remote access. For all other online databases, you must be in-library to access the materials. 

If the item is not available on HeinOnline or only available in print, contact the Great Library to make a request for the article.