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On The Web: Where to Find UK and Irish Law

Scope: The official home of UK legislation provides access to all legislation from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from 1988 to present. Most pre-1988 primary legislation is also available, with some collections stretching back to 1267. For a full list of legislation types held on, see Browse Legislation.

Currency: This site aims to publish new legislation simultaneously or at least within 24 hours of its publication in printed form. Newly enacted legislation can be found by date at New Legislation. UK Public General Acts, as well as those from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also available in revised form, incorporating changes made to the legislation up to at least 2002. To find more recent changes made to an act, users must check Changes to Legislation.

The Gazette

The official newspaper of record for the United Kingdom, The Gazette publishes official, regulatory and legal information. Recent issues can browsed by notice type or page by page, and the archive can be searched by date, keyword or issue number. The entire archive from 1665 onwards is in the process of being digitized.

United Kingdom Parliament

The official website of the UK Parliament provides access to bills (current and previous sessions), Hansard and committee proceedings from the House of Commons and House of Lords, as well as other parliamentary publications and records. 


The Statutes Project

The aim of The Statutes Project is to make the body of British parliamentary law digitally and publicly available. Between its chronological bibliography of British and UK law and the Statutes of the Realm series, The Statutes Project has digitized the majority of public legislation dating back almost 800 years.*

*Please keep in mind there are some gaps in coverage.