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Getting Started: Wrongful Dismissal

Finding Continuing Legal Education Materials on Your Topic

Continuing legal education (CLE) or conference materials are a useful source of current and practical information. Some recent programs are listed on this page. Here are some suggestions for locating other CLE materials on your topic:

  1. Use InfoLocate, the Great Library's online catalogue, to search for programs and papers from a variety of CLE providers (e.g. CBA, OBA, Law Society, Advocates Society) available in the library. Entries for Law Society CPD articles from 2004 to present will include a link to access the full-text online version of the paper, while papers from other publishers are available in the our print collection.
  2. Use AccessCLE to search for full-text Law Society of Ontario CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program articles from 2004 to date.  All articles can be downloaded for free.
  3. Use The Canadian Law Symposia Index (available through Lexis+™ Canada) to find papers from selected Canadian and American CLE programs and other legal symposia since January 1986.


Example search terms:

  • wrongful (also unjust or constructive) dismissal
  • employee termination
  • employment litigation
  • reasonable notice
  • employment contract
  • damages for breach of contract
  • Wallace damages

Continuing Legal Education Materials

A sample of programs:
  • 12th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law, (Ontario Bar Association, 2014). KF 3320 ZA2 O583 2014 / 1st floor
    • "Statutory deductions on wrongful dismissal damages" / Talia Bregman and Ranjan Agarwal
    • "Wrongful dismissal damages and the freedom to double dip" / Priya Sarin
  • 16th Annual Employment Law Summit (Continuing Professional Development, Law Society of Upper Canada, 2015). KF 3320 .ZA2 E475 2015 / 1st Floor
    • "Wrongful dismissal claims and summary judgment" / Jeffrey Mitchell
    • "Contingency fee arrangements in wrongful dismissal actions : practical considerations and common pitfalls" / Kevin Fox ​
  • 17th Annual Employment Law Summit, (Law Society of Upper Canada, 2016). KF 3320 ZA2 E475 2016 / 1st floor
    • "Deconstructing constructive dismissal" / Mary Lou Brady
    • "Deconstructing constructive dismissal : will it bring civility and honesty to workplaces?" / Kumail Karimjee
    • "Costs on summary judgment motions in wrongful dismissal actions" / Andrew Monkhouse, Laura McLennan
  • 23rd Employment Law Summit, (Law Society of Ontario, 2022). KF 3320 .ZA2 E475 2022 / 1st floor
  • The Eight-Minute Employment Lawyer 2022, (Law Society of Ontario, 2022). KF 3320 .ZB3 S594 2022 / 1st floor
  • Mediation for Employment Actions and Wrongful Dismissal, (Law Society of Upper Canada, 2012). KF 3471 A75 L393 2012b / 1st floor
  • The Six-Minute Employment Lawyer 2021, (The Law Society of Ontario, 2021).  KF 3320 .ZB3 S594 2021 / 1st floor
  • The Six-Minute Employment Lawyer 2018 (Continuing Professional Development, Law Society of Upper Canada, 2018). KF 3320 ZB3 S594 2018 / 1st floor
    • "The deduction of workers' compensation loss of earning benefits from wrongful dismissal awards" / Carissa Tanzola
  • The Six-Minute Employment Lawyer 2015 (Continuing Professional Development, Law Society of Upper Canada, 2015). KF 3320 .ZB3 S594 2015 / 1st floor
    • "New developments in the law pertaining to the calculation of reasonable notice periods for wrongful dismissal" / Hendrik Nieuwland, Joel Smith

Precedents & Forms


  • Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, 3rd ed. (Carswell, 2017). KF 8868.1 B85 2017 2nd floor Practice Collection.
    • See Vol. 1, Part XI - Employment and Labour Law - Wrongful Dismissal 
  • Canadian Forms & Precedents - Employment Division, Loose-Leaf. (LexisNexis). KF 170 C3684 2005 / 2nd floor Practice Collection; also available on Lexis+™ Canada at the library.
  • Lexis Practice Advisor - Employment - Terminating the Employment Relationship/Employment Litigation. Available online in the library.
  • O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms - Labour Relations and Employment, Division VII, 11 ed., Loose-Leaf (Thomson Reuters).  KF 170 O27 1987 / 2nd floor Practice Collection; also available on Westlaw Canada in the library.
    • See Chapter 10 - Discharge