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On The Web: Where to Find Canadian Legislation

Justice Laws

The bilingual website of the Department of Justice Canada makes available searchable databases of the laws of Canada, including consolidated acts and regulations (usually current to within 2–4 weeks), annual statutes from 2001, and constitutional documents.

As of June 1, 2009, all consolidated Acts and regulations are official.

Quick links to constitutional documents and related resources, including the Income Tax Act and regulations and frequently accessed statutes. Also provided are a table of public statutes and responsible ministers (from 1907), and a table of private acts (from 1867), and an index of statutory instruments published in the Canada Gazette, Part II (consolidated from January 1, 1955).           

Internet Archive: Canadian Government Publications Portal

The Internet Archive has digitized more than 20,000 Canadian Government publications and made them freely available online through the Canadian Government Publications Portal. These documents include government reports, standing committee documents, Ontario regulations and statutes (both the Revisions and annuals), Federal annual statutes, and more.  Below, we have linked to the Acts of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada collection, where the federal annual statute volumes from 1901-2000* can be found:

Use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to navigate to the year(s) needed.

*Coverage is not comprehensive. 



For statutes pre-1900, look to Canadiana under their “Government Publications” category! Though they have a few collections that feature multiple volumes of French federal legislation (like those featured below), many have been published individually; try searching using the “Droit — Canada — LeĢgislation” subject grouping (su:”Droit — Canada — LeĢgislation”).

Actes du Parlement de la puissance du Canada (coverage: 1873-1900)
Statuts de la province du Canada … (coverage: 1852-1866)
Les statuts provinciaux du Canada (coverage: 1841-1851)
Statuts du Canada (coverage: 1867-1872)