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Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

A curated list of resources that offer free or subsidized legal information and services. This resource is meant to guide self-represented litigants to sources that will help them make informed decisions concerning their legal situation.

Family - Self-Help

  • Family Court (Ontario Court of Justice) - Provides information about family law trials, as well as definitions of words & phrases commonly used in family law cases. It includes guides on what to expect in family court, and information on court locations and relevant legislation.
  • Family Law (CLEO) - Multiple tools including videos, questions and answers, and links to government resources.
  • Family Law (Department of Justice) - General information on family law issues like child support, divorce, custody, etc. This site offers helpful resources like child support amount tables, parenting plan guidelines, fact sheets, etc.
  • Family Law Services (Ministry of Attorney General) - Outlines all legal issues that can be dealt with in family court (i.e. divorce & separation, child custody & access, support payments, etc.). Includes referral information, resource lists, general info, and more.
  • The Family Law Coach: Resources - Contains commentary, articles, and advice on such topics as the family court system, child custody & access, self-representation, court presentation, and more.
  • Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) - Provides plain language information on women's rights under Ontario family law, with subsections on common issues such as alternative dispute resolution, child support, child protection, and family law issues for immigrants, refugees, and non-status women. Booklets are provided in multiple languages.
  • Family Law Handbook (Canadian Judicial Council) - Along with documentation on how to prepare for family court, (i.e. court processes & forms, court conduct, applicable rules & legislation, etc.), this handbook also covers general legal basics regarding communication, mediation/negotiation, dispute resolution, and more.
  • Family Law Information Program (Legal Aid Ontario) - A course on family law for those going through a separation or divorce. This free online program teaches the basics of family law, court processes, and mediation.
  • Family Law Portal (Ryerson University) - This self-directed information portal helps the public learn about their rights and responsibilities in family law matters. Visit this source for information on how to make parenting plans, calculate support, and plan next steps.
  • Family Law Rights (Ontario Women's Justice Network) - Learn about your rights after relationship breakdown, including information about decision-making responsibility & parenting time, child/spousal support, divorce, separation, restraining orders, dividing property, dealing with the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), separation agreements, mediation, and the family court system.
  • Family Proceedings Resources (Superior Court of Justice) - Information on court procedures & structure, divorce & financial issues, government information, and more. See especially the guide to process for step-by-step information on family cases at the SCJ.
  • Family Responsibility Office (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services) - How to pay and receive child and spousal support in Ontario. Find information on registering a case, changing a support order, and more.
  • Guided Pathways: Family Law (Steps to Justice) - Series of online interviews that help you fill out the court forms you need for your family law matter. Each question includes explanatory commentary.
  • Law Depot (Toronto Public Library) - Access to over 100 do-it-yourself legal forms relating to marriage & family law like: separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, parental plans, and more.
  • - Family law - Federal not-for-profit organization that provides easy-to-understand legal answers written in plain language. Look to their Family law section for guidance on marriage, separation and divorce, common-law relationships, custody, support, adoption, and more.
  • Luke's Place - Family Court and Beyond - Information tailored to women leaving abusive relationships. Family court survival workbook covers issues encountered after leaving, such as court processes, child protection, evidence, finding legal help, and safety.
  • Parenting Plan Tool (Government of Canada) - Fillable survey that allows users to choose from a selection of statements in order to build a personalized parenting plan under the Divorce Act.
  • Representing Yourself at Your Family Law Trial (Ontario Court of Justice) - Guidance on how to represent oneself in a family law trial at the OCJ. Contains information on trial management conferences, evidence, and conduct, among other topics.
  • Steps in a Family Law Case (CLEO) - Collection of flowcharts representing the sequence of events in a family law court process. Click on any box to learn what happens and what is required of parties at a given step.