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Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

A curated list of resources that offer free or subsidized legal information and services. This resource is meant to guide self-represented litigants to sources that will help them make informed decisions concerning their legal situation.

Family - Legal Services and Assistance

  • The 519 Legal Advice Clinic for 2SLGBTQ+ Communities - Free remote legal advice to 2SLGBTQ+ community members. Consultation offered on areas including separation & divorce, common-law & cohabitation agreements, adoption, child custody, and parental recognition.
  • Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Legal Services - Free legal services in matters of domestic violence, adult & childhood sexual assault and abuse, and more. These legal professionals help women and gender diverse people to address safety needs, identify legal issues, make informed decisions about legal action, and find the right legal help.
  • Family Justice Centre (ProBono Students Canada) - Provides self-represented litigants who do not qualify for legal aid but are unable to afford a lawyer with legal assistance concerning family law matters through virtual legal clinics. Eligible individuals may receive summary advice, legal coaching, and court document drafting services from lawyers and law students, under the supervision of pro bono lawyers.
  • Family Law Coach - Experienced lawyers provide legal coaching and assistance to the public by way of unbundled services and limited scope retainers that allow clients to choose what they pay.
  • Family Law Information Centres (Ministry of Attorney General) - Available in family courts across Ontario, these centres provide information about separation, divorce and related family law issues, family justice services, alternative forms of dispute resolution, local community resources, and court processes. Information and Referral Coordinators (IRCs) are available at designated times to help the public understand their needs, make referrals to appropriate services, give information about family mediation, and more.
  • Family Law Service Centres (Legal Aid Ontario) - Service centres are designed to help with procedural family law matters such as court documents, motions, Family Responsibility Office support orders, etc. Call 1-800-668-8258 to find a centre near you.
  • Family Legal Issues (Legal Aid Ontario) - LAO division specifically geared to family law issues. Check the table on their website to see if you qualify for advice from an LAO lawyer.
  • mediate393 - Provides government-funded onsite or hybrid family mediation and information services in Toronto’s Superior Court of Justice and two Ontario Court of Justice locations.
  • Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project - Aims to improve access to family justice for middle income Ontarians by increasing the use of limited scope retainers, legal coaching and summary legal counsel in family law cases. Prospective clients are able to search the website by location, type of service, and service provider.