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Research 101: How to Find Forms and Precedents

Precedents & Forms

Annotated Alter Ego Trust and Discretionary Trust 2022, LSO CPD. KF 733 L393 2022 / 1st floor & AccessCLE (remote)

Annotated Guardianship Application 2021, LSO CPD. KF 553 .A75 L393 2021 / 1st floor & AccessCLE (remote)

Annotated Powers of Attorney for Property and for Personal Care 2023, LSO CPD. KF 3827 .I5 L393 2023e / Preservica (remote)

Annotated Will 2023, LSO CPD. KF 755 .A75 L393 2023ePreservica (remote)

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian precedents of pleadings. KF 8868.1 B85 2017 / 2nd floor PRAC

  • Part XXVIII Wills and Estates

Canadian Forms and Precedents: Wills & Estates, available on Lexis+™ Canada (in-library)

Histrop, Estate Planning Precedents: A Solicitor's Manual, loose-leaf. KF 755 H57 1995e / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

Hull & Popovic-Montag, Challenging the Validity of Wills, 2nd ed. KF 755 H84 2018 / 2nd floor PRAC 

  • Appendix I Precedents and Court Forms

Kessler & Hunter, Drafting Trusts & Will Trusts in Canada, 5th ed. KF 730 K472 2020 / 2nd floor PRAC & Lexis+ Canada (in-library)

  • Part: Precedents and Forms

Lexis Practical Guidance: Wills, Trusts and Estates (Ontario)Online Database on Lexis+™ (in-library)

Main, Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney, 5th edition. KF 755 M32 2022 / 2nd floor PRAC  

O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms, loose-leaf. KF 170 O27 1987e / 2nd floor PRAC & Westlaw Canada (in-library)

  • Division V Wills & Trusts

Rintoul, Ontario Estate Administration9th edition. KF 778 R567 2023 / 2nd floor PRAC & Lexis+ Canada (in-library)

Solnik & et al., Drafting Wills in Canada: A Lawyer's Practical Guide, 3rd edition. KF 755 S645 2021 / 2nd floor PRAC & Lexis+ Canada (in-library)