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Research 101: How to Find Forms and Precedents

Precedents & Forms

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian precedents of pleadings. KF 8868.1 B85 2017 / 2nd floor PRAC

Klar, Remedies in Tort, loose-leaf.  KF 1250 R45 1987 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Each chapter deals with a specific tort and contains a sample statement of claim

Tjaden, Causes of Actions, Defences and Remedies. Online Database on Westlaw Canada (in-library)

  • Each article contains drafting tips and precedent pleading language 

Williston & Rolls: Ontario Court Forms, loose-leaf. KF 8836 W54 2017e / 2nd floor PRAC & Lexis+™ Canada (in-library)

  • Ch. 15 Pleadings
    • Pleadings: In Tort
    • Pleadings: In Contract and Tort