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Research 101: How to Find Forms and Precedents

Precedents & Forms

Beardwood & Stern, Outsourcing Transactions: A Practical Guide, loose-leaf.  KF 889 K94 2006 / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Check Appendices

Canadian Forms and Precedents: Information Technology and Entertainmentavailable on Lexis+™ Canada (in-library)

Ghatan, Electronic Commerce: A Practitioner's Guide, loose-leaf. KF 889 E447 2002 / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix A: Agreements and Policies

Harris & LeBreux, Annotated Business Agreements, loose-leaf. KF 889 H37 1993 / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Chapter 10 Technology Agreements

Limpert, Technology Contracting: Law, Precedents and Commentary, loose-leaf.  KF 905 .C6 L56 2005e / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms, loose-leaf. KF 170 O27 1987e / 2nd floor PRAC & Westlaw Canada (in-library)

  • Division X Computers and Information Technology