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Research 101: How to Find Forms and Precedents

Precedents & Forms

Carswell's Form and Precedent Collection: Criminal Law Precedents, 2nd ed., loose-leaf. KF 9620 .ZA2 W37 2007 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

Gold, The Practitioner's Criminal Precedents, 6th ed. KF 9620 .ZA2 G65 2020 / 2nd Floor PRAC & Lexis+™ Canada (in-library)

Hubbard et al, Wiretapping and Other Electronic Surveillance: Law and Procedure, loose-leaf. KF 9670 H83 2000 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix A4 Forms

McLeod et al, Breathalyzer Law in Canada: the Prosecution and Defence of Drinking, Drugs and Driving Offences, 5th ed., loose-leaf. KF 2231 M34 2019 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Various appendices contain precedents & forms

Pearse, A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada, loose-leaf. KF 2231 P43 2011 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix RA Checklist
  • Appendix SLL Precedents

Trotter, The Law of Bail in Canada, 3rd ed., loose-leaf. KF 9632 T76 2010 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix D Forms Respecting the Rendering of an Accused by a Surety (Ontario)
  • Appendix F Checklists

Waldock & Gibson, Canadian Criminal Code Offences, loose-leaf. KF 9220 .ZA2 G52 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Each chapter has a section for precedents and another for forms

Waldock & Gibson, Criminal Law: Evidence, Practice and Procedure, loose-leaf. KF 9220 .ZA2 G527 1988 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Select chapters have a section for forms