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Research 101: How to Find Forms and Precedents

Precedents & Forms

Annotated Agreement of Purchase and Sale OREA Form 100, LSO CPD. AccessCLE (remote)

Annotated Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale 2021, LSO CPD. AccessCLE (remote)

DiCastri, Registration of Title to Land, KF 679 D52 1987 / 2nd Floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix A: Forms
  • Appendix E: Ontario Forms Under the Land Titles Act

Harris & LeBreux, Annotated Business Agreements, loose-leaf. KF 889 H37 1993 / 2nd floor PRAC

  • Chapter 8 Real Estate Agreements

Lamont, Lamont on Real Estate Conveyancing, 2nd ed., loose-leaf. KF 670 L235 1991 / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix D: Forms and Precedents

Lexis Practical Guidance: Real EstateOnline Database on Lexis+™ (in-library)

Lipson, The Art of the Real Estate Deal, 4th ed. KF 665 L57 2021 / 2nd floor PRAC 

  • Part Four - Forms

Marriott et al, Marriott and Dunn Practice in Mortgage Remedies in Ontario, 5th ed., loose-leaf. KF 697.F6 M37 1991 / 2nd floor PRAC & ProView (in-library)

  • Appendix B Forms for Use in Mortgage Actions and Proceedings

McConnell, Document Registration Guide, 24th ed. KF 679 D57 / 2nd floor PRAC

Ontario Real Estate Law Guide (CCH Canadian), loose-leaf. KF 570 O57 1975e / 2nd floor PRAC & Lexis+™ Canada (in-library)

  • [¶ 19,000] - FORMS AND PRECEDENTS
  • [¶ 54,600] - FORMS AND PRECEDENTS

Williston & Rolls: Ontario Court Forms, loose-leaf. KF 8836 W54 2017e / 2nd floor PRAC & Lexis+™ Canada (in-library)

  • Chapter 52 Applications Involving Real Property

Wolf, Ontario Residential Real Estate for Practitioners. KF 665 W65 2019 / 2nd floor PRAC

  • Check end of each chapter

Thibault & Trottier, Carswell's Form and Precedent Collection: Commercial Precedents, loose-leaf. KF 886 T45 2010 / 2nd floor PRAC & CD-Rom

  • Chapter V Real Estate Transactions