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Research 101: How to Use InfoLocate

Search, find and discover in InfoLocate, our library catalogue.

Search Results

Click through the images below in the "Understanding Your Search Results" section to learn more about the information displayed in search results.

Understanding Your Search Results

Number of Results

When you search, the results page tells you how many items match your search as well as what page of the results you're currently viewing.


Selecting Results

You can select records to add to your favorites (using the pin icon), email to yourself or others, or print.

Just click the numbered box in the top left corner of each result you want. You can select the entire page  by checking the box above the results.

Multiple Versions

There may be more than one edition of an item or the item can be available in print and electronic format. Click on "See all versions" to find out more.

Send To

Send To functions allow you to email an item, print an item, export your results in Excel and create citations or persistent links. 

Before including the citations in your work, you are recommended to check the accuracy and edit the citations by referring to the relevant citation style manual.

Persistent links (also called permalinks, stable URLs, or durable URLs) are web addresses that remain consistent and do not change over time, allowing you and others to consistently access online content. Clicking on the permalink button will provide a persistent link for you to copy and paste anywhere.

QR Code

QR code allows you to scan or copy a QR link to share your search queries and results.