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Research 101: How to Use InfoLocate

Search, find and discover in InfoLocate, our library catalogue.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search retrieves items by words or phrases anywhere in the record, or only in specific fields, such as title, author, subject, call number, series, table of contents, or publisher. It allows you to create simple or complex search strategies, and provides all the standard Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and drop-down menus of options to help you formulate your search. Search limits are available for all Guided Keyword searches.


By default, Advanced Search gives you two places to enter your search terms. You can split up your keywords in a way that performs the same as when using AND, OR, and NOT. Instead of typing those operators, you pick the one you need from the dropdown menu.

Advanced Search Examples

To retrieve: Enter the search terms:
items on eviction and conversions or renovations in Ontario eviction [contains words] Any field
conversion? renovation? [contains words] Any field
ontario [contains words] Any field
items by and about John Sopinka Sopinka [contains words] Author/creator
sopinka [contains words] Subject
items with the phrase industrial design or industrial designs in the title industrial design? [contains phrase] Title
items on e-commerce and internet liability e commerce [contains phrase] Any field
internet liability [contains words] Any field
items on electronic commerce by Sookman electronic commerce [contains phrase] Any field
sookman [contains words] Author/creator
sookman [contains words] Any field
items on merger published in 2020-2021

merger? [contains words] Any field

Set publication date

Last 2 years

books on bankruptcy in Ontario set search limits Item Type: Books
bankruptcy ontario [contains words] Subject
search for the full call number KF 2994 H85 2005 KF2994H852005 

search for the partial call number KF 2994 H85